The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.17 - The Hampshire Heater

How to light the Hampshire Heater.

Firstly I am not going to go on about safety precautions, you are all adults and know how to treat heaters safely. If you are not an adult or you do not know how to light a fire safely, then you should not be trying to light one.

If the grate at the bottom of the heater is covered in ash as in the photo above, the heater will be very difficult if not impossible to light. With the ash tray in position use a long stick to stir the ashes and they will fall through the grate.

This is what the grate should look like before you put any charcoal in the fire chamber. You should not let the ash cumulate in the tray. Once the ashes are cold, dispose of them considerately.

The starter charge should not fill the fire chamber more than a quarter full.

Put the ash tray in position when you pour in the starter charge to stop any charcoal dust from getting everywhere. You do not have to clamp it tight as you can see from the photo.

This is my flue heater. It is a short piece of fibreglass rope in a wire holder. Soak the top in alcohol but not so much that it is dripping, light it and put the flam into the bottom of the flue.

Like this. The flash hides the flame but it is there, roaring up the flue.

Like this. Once the flame has gone out, take the flue heater out and put the lid on the heater. It does not need to be clamped at this point.

Now light your heater as per the instructions.

Once the charcoal has caught, fill the fire chamber to the top and clamp on the lid.

If you get the flame blowing back out of the air inlet as shown in the video above, then you put too much alcohol or spirits in the wick. Ideally the wick should be completely soaked in the liquid fuel but not so much that it starts leaking out of the bottom of the wick tube and into the bottom of the ash tray. If you put too much liquid fuel in the wick, it starts to cover the bottom of the tray and this is the result