The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.17 - Main Hatch Runners.

Today's task was to get started on the companionway or main hatch and the first part of this is the runners upon which it will slide. Each of the two runners needs to be twice as long as the hatch.

This is the start. Two piece of wood cut to length and placed in position.

I used a straight batten to make sure that the runners were parallel. A pencil mark was make where the batten touched the runners...

...on both sides...

...and used to ensure that the other end of the runners were the same distance apart.

The position of the runners was then parked in pencil so that the holes for the screws could be drilled.

The runners were then screwed in place temporarily.

The runners about 30 minutes later.

The top of the runners has been planed off on one side so that the batten now rests on the entire surface (almost) and not just the inside edge.

However, there is still a problem in that the runners need to be vertical and as you can see here, the are pointing outwards. The solution is to rotate them through 180 degrees and put them on opposite sides.

Looks pretty much the same does it not?

Except the runners are now vertical. Clever eh?

Finally, for today, the runners glued and screwed in place. The epoxy used to glue these two down will be cured by nightfall despite the low air temperature as the heater is going and the coachroof is quite warm.

Any mistakes today?

Yes, I spread the epoxy on the wrong side of the second runner. It was easy to scrape it off with a paint scrapper and put it back on the correct side.