The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.20 - More Templates and Tool Buying

The task for today was to start the hatch construction and as usual this meant making two templates for the front and rear parts. The side pieces were quite straightforward but I had to stop as I don't have anything to clamp the pieces together. So the next task was to source and buy four mitre cramps.

These are the two templates for the front and back parts of the hatch.

This is how they fit although the "hook" at either end will not be cut into the actual pieces, it just serves here to simulate the side pieces.

These are the real pieces and the side pieces fit against each side extending down below the capping piece on the runners. The whole thing has to be made up square and hence the need for mitre cramps.

Only four piece of wood but it still took two hours to complete.