The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.24 - Feeling Old

Despite having the day off yesterday I took a rest day. I felt old. Aching, lethargic and I had a thick head from a cold. Today, however, I feel great so it's on with the hatch.

The four mitre cramps I bought a few days ago were scheduled to arrive on 28th December but arrived yesterday so I was able to make a start on putting the hatch together. Before I could start on the assembly I had to to trim the capping pieces on the runners as both are slightly curved sideways and this needs to be trimmed off so that the outer edges are straight and parallel. An easy job with a hand-router. Then the four sides of the hatch could be worked on.

This is how the hatch looks at the moment. It is clamped up whilst the epoxy cures and it is on the runners to ensure that it doesn't twist. The front piece has to be remade since I attempted to increase the gap between the hatch and the coachroof by about 5mm so that it was well clear and the following router bit that I was using fell apart and gouged a chunk out of the wood that I didn't want to. So it was remade.

The mitre cramps are really cheap but I only need to use them for this hatch and the fore hatch and they are good enough for that. Here you can see the joint and the piece of plastic used to ensure that the hatch doesn't get epoxied to the runners accidentally.

As you can see from the photo above, the gap between the hatch and the coachroof is now a lot more than previously.

A front view of the gap.

I didn't need much on the way of epoxy for these joints but the minimum I make up is one pump and that left me with quite a lot left over, so I fitted the backing pad for the pintle on the transom. The screws were just too long and went all the way through the transom. This backing pad is epoxied in place and this, along with the sealant that will be put on the pintle from the outside, should stop any water from getting in.

The holes are close to the water line, or where the new waterline will be and waves will certainly mean that the screws will be under water for some of the time.

So a good morning's work. The temperature is forecast to be over 10 Celsius tomorrow so even thought it is Christmas Day I want to get the remaining major epoxy work done on the rubbing strakes and that will mean trying to get as much of the preparation work done today. I'd also like to make a start on the fore hatch, marking it out at the very least and cutting it out if time allows.