The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.27 - Yet Another Setback

Just a short piece of work this afternoon. I set to sanding the edge of the coachroof on the starboard side so that it was flush with the cabin side using the belt sander and got all of it done except the last half inch where the capping piece on the cockpit coaming reached the cabin. At that point the belt sander could not reach the last bit and just as I got to that part the sander gave a load graunching noise of broken plastic and the belt sander came to an abrupt stop. I could see thought the ventilation holes that the plastic fan and other parts were in pieces on the inside so the sander went into the bin and finished the last half inch with a rasp.

The starboard edge of the coachroof nicely trimmed and that just leaves the port side to complete the trimming of the superstructure. That task will have to wait until I have bought another belt sander.