The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.28 - Setback Recovery

Obviously, the first task of the day's to replace the broken belt sander. Our local mega-hardware stores are in King's Lynn so off we went and bought a new sander plus sanding belts plus four new follower router bits, two with the roller at the tip of the bit and two with the roller at the other end. At £16 per bit these are not cheap but they are worth their weight in gold as far as I am concerned.

Whilst we were in King's Lynn we also did the weekly shop since Tesco was just across the road from the B&Q where we bought the hardware.

After returning home and a coffee I set to on the main hatch. This needed some trimming as the plywood top had twisted the hatch a little and this had to be countered so that is sat on the runners square again. Then the missing fillets were added and gaps filled before it was brought back the warm house.

The trimmed hatch with added fillets.

And any gaps filled around the edges of the top. You can also see where there was a flaw i the plywood which I just filled with epoxy. It will show up white in the finished item but if it bothers me too much I'll just rout it out and glue in a small laminate.

This is where the hatch is right now, the Rayburn is not one but it is still warm from earlier this morning.

The fore hatch has come out quite well so far but the next few pieces are gong to be tricky. You will see why as the hatch progresses.