The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.28 - Completing the Coachroof Trimming

With the new belt sander in hands I set too after a late lunch and completed the coachroof trimming by trimming the port side flush with the cabin side. The inside of the fore hatch was also trimmer, this time with a follower bit in the hand router and after I had removed most of the shavings from my hair, face. mouth, nose, eyes and just about everywhere else I cut the main hatch stop.

The coachroof trimmed flush.

The centre of the coachroof beam that was cut out to allow passage through the companionway was cut in two.

One of the pieces will be screwed in place here with long screws from inside the cabin but not glued. The purpose of this stop is to prevent the main hatch from sliding aft. The gap you can see will be filled with a small filler piece cut from the other half of the ex-beam and then the whole thing will be bedded in sealant to prevent water getting in. But it will still be possible to remove the stop should the hatch need to be removed.