The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.29 - Washboards

First order of the day was to check the runners and see hoe the hatch slides on them. Once that has bee checked out I made the washboards.

The Tufnol has stuck quite well although the expos is still soft due to the sub-zero temperatures last night. This did mean that I was able to remove the excess epoxy very easily, I just have to be careful not to pull the Tufnol off accidentally.

The hatch still fits and slides nicely.

The aft ends of the runners will need to be tidied up but the system works.

The stop was extended by the correct amount and the extra piece glued on. It's held by a galvanised nail and was brought in side the house to warm up so that the glue sets faster.

Here are the three almost finished washboards. The still need to be sanded but that can wait.

Each end of each washboard was thinned using a router so that they fit in the hatchway.

Like this. Now that the companionway is closed the inside of the boat stayed very warm with the heater on.

I could feel the heat now coming out of the fore hatch so I covered it up and pulled out the Samson post to see if the heat will now come out of there are well.

Having the main hatch and washboards in place now means that I can keep the heater on to warm the boat up and hopefully cure the epoxy faster.

Time for lunch.