The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.29 - Fore Hatch

The last major construction item of the boat excluding the rig, is the fore hatch. The construction, as has been mentioned before, is going to be a double-skinned type as designed by Maurice Griffiths.

This is the hatch as designed.

This is the hatch top so far. The inner part is being glued in position and tomorrow, hopefully I shall glue the outer coaming in place.

I will also have to finish the fillets since the mitre cramps get in the way. Creating fillets between the inner and outer coamings should be fun. not impossible but a little awkward. That will just leave the outer coaming on the coachroof. The two straight sides are already cut but the two sides across the curve are not cut out just yet.

Once this hatch is completed, as far as the boat goes the rest is epoxy coating, tarnishing, painting and the fitting of the hardware.