The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.30 - Warped Wood

I thought things were going too well. Not a disaster but several steps backwards all the same.

So here is the fore hatch with the cramps removed. Looks good.

Except it's warped.

This makes it clearer.

So, I decided to follow the original design.

The inner coaming will be raised by 15mm as shown, Just held in place with nails until the epoxy is used to stick them down at which point he nails will be hammered fully home.

Now, I've mentioned several times before that epoxy is heat sensitive so I decided to try it out and recover the fore hatch top.

And it seems to work although you cannot really avoid damaging the wood a little and it is not an easy job.

But 45 minutes work with heat gun and putty knife and the coamings are removed.

Followed by a light sanding to remove the remaining epoxy and the wood can be reused.

This inside of the hatch will be painted white, as will most of the inside of the cabin, so the slight damage can be filled and sanded which should make it pretty invisible after painting.

Coffee break.