The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.31 - Yet More Fore Hatch

The task this afternoon was to cut, fit and glue the outer coaming to the coachroof. The only difficult part about this was that the crosswise coamings had to be cut so that the lower edge fitted the curve of the coachroof and the upper edge had to be flat.

The hatch was not only used to ensure that the coamings were in the correct position but also to press down courtesy of the lead weights ensuing a good fit to the coachroof. I hope.

This is the scupper through which you can see the double skin construction of the hatch.I will close this up a little as it is too large at present but that is part of the finishing of the hatch.

The primary reason for closing up the scupper a little is to stop ropes getting caught under tha hatch. The secondary reason is to prevent too much water getting it.