The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2017.02.20 - Whilst She is Inverted...

I decided to take the opportunity to sand the underside of the forward end of the rubbing strake and to sand the topsides whist Naiad is inverted. It will be a lot easier to accomplish this way up.

The result of 90 minutes of sanding is not that obvious...

...but the shiny surface of the white paint...

...has been removed by the sanding leaving a key for the undercoat.

The white paint is a two-part marine paint and very tough so there is no need to remove it, just to key it. I stayed away from the newly painted copper epoxy and I'll do that part after I've taped the waterline and that will only happen when the copper epoxy is fully cured.

I also put another coat of varnish on the various work pieces being varnished in the container.

The next task is going to be interesting. Again, whilst Naiad is upside down I will seal the underside of the coachrooves.