The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2017.03.04 - Day 9 - Afternoon

The task for the afternoon was the installation of the five interior lights. The first part of this involved me lying on my back in the bunk space and working on the underside of the coachroof. Getting the light in place was easy, hammering in the small brass nails that hold the cable clips was not. It got easier as I progressed towards the aft of the cabin. I could have done with some lights,

Oh, wait a minute...

The cabling into the electrics box will not be fixed until all the cables are in place. To test it all out I ran two wires to the battery which I put in the cockpit for now.

So, one bright light over the galley...

...two bright lights in the centre of the cabin... less bright light over the starboard bunk...

...and on less bright light over the port bunk.

The bright ones light up the cabin well. I'll probably never have them all on at once, that would be wasting power, but they certainly are bright.