The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.04.04 - Preparations for Epoxy

Preparations of the application of epoxy continue. The idea is that since I invariably end up with more mixed epoxy than I need when glueing something, I should ensure that there are enough other things that need the application of epoxy so that I can use it up. The excess is deliberate, by the way, not accidental. There’s nothing worse than glueing up a piece of work only to find that you haven’t quite got enough. Then you have to put the work down somewhere that you are not going to knock it over or get sawdust on it, mix up a new batch and then try and continue the job. Most irritating. I’d rather have too much than too little.

The next major epoxy jobs are the repair on the port side, the filling and fairing of the repair on the starboard side and the filling of the remaining holes in the hull where various bits have been removed. The holes left from yesterday’s backing pad removals for example.

Today’s job, therefore was to complete the making of holes in the hull by removing things by removing the remaining side deck supports and other bits of wood left over from other constructions over the years. There are four left per side and two of the photos below show a before and after view of the ones on the port side.

The intention, now that the weather has warmed up a bit, is to do something on the boat every day. It might not be much but something will be done. I will not be spending all my available time on the hull, however, as I have other projects that need to be done as well so the compromise is that I will also do something on a non-boat project every day as well.

The remaining four “supports for something” on the port side.

Some time later and they are gone. Surprisingly easy to remove. Only two of the eight in total had to be split with a chisel and removed due to broken screw heads.

Here is another part of the hull that needs some epoxy. This is the hole caused by my router not holding the bit tightly. It made a bit of a mess of the inner veneers but that can be cleaned up easily enough with some sandpaper .