The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.04.05 - Port Side Repair

Today’s task, after having worked on two other projects, was to complete the repair of the port side. By complete I mean cutting and glueing in the veneers to replace the wood lost due to the rot. And this I did as you can see from the photos below. The work went very smoothly and without any hitches in the process and the remainder of the epoxy was duly used to fill a hole or two.

The repair still need to be sanded, filled and faired as does the starboard side but both of these will not be finished to such a high degree as the outside. This is due to the fact that this side of the repairs will be covered by lockers and bunks and other stuff that means that no-one will see the repair unless they go looking. It will suffice to ensure that there are no sharp bits, all the holes are filled and the lumps and bumps smoothed out. A coat of un-thickened epoxy will complete the job.

All in all, a good day.

So what’s next?

The next major job is the steaming of the out-whales and the five ribs each side that I intend to put in. Naiad is strong enough not to need ribs but they are very handy things to screw things to and that will be their main purpose. The front two will also serve as load spreaders as they will be in line with the mast and the shrouds and extra strength in these areas will not do any harm at all.

The two out-whales will take about 2 hours each to steam, the ribs possibly only an hour and I will not be able to leave the steamer untended for this time as the water will need topping up on a regular basis, so while this is going on several other jobs will be done such as filling the remainder of the holes and fairing the inner surface of the repairs.

All of a sudden we should be seeing major steps forward.

The veneers glued in on the port side.

View from aft showing both the repairs.