The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.04.06 - Disappointment

I had great plans for today. The aim was to sand both inner repair surfaces and coat with epoxy. The sanding went well but the next bit failed. The cleaning up. Or more precisely the vacuuming. My nice new Dust Collector doesn’t work.

How annoying.

Too late to return it, I bought it last month and only needed it today and when I turned it on for the first time….


However, the broom sufficed to get most of the dust out but not enough for the epoxy coating, so that bit will have to wait until I’ve mended the dust collector. Could be just a fuse (doubtful) but I’ll dig out my trust meter, clear off the work bench and then set about investigating. That’s tomorrow’s task.

In the meantime I filled the holes in the hull a bit earlier than I planned.

Photos of the repairs after sanding and some of the filled holes.

Scintillating stuff, I know, I’m surprised that I’m not getting complaints about the high level of excitement.

And on that high note I turn to my next non-boat task…

…the accounts.


After sanding.

After sanding.

After sanding.

After sanding.

Filled holed from the outside.

Filled holes from the inside.