The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.04.07 - Short but Good

Not only did I find my trusty meter but the battery was still good and even better, I remembered how to use it. Task for today, find out why the new Dust Collector is not working and fix it if possible.

Firstly, clean the workbench! I haven’t seen it that clean since I started work on Naiad in May last year. Naughty boy. Untidy desk, untidy mind.

To which the retort is usually a muttered “empty desk….”

The problem with the Dust Collector was easy to diagnose, I didn’t even need the meter. Took the top off and one of the connectors to the mains switch had been put on incorrectly. Instead of being over the terminal it was wedged between the terminal and the body of the switch and because it had a plastic sleeve over it, it made no contact with the terminal at all. So, put the connector where it should have been and I have a working Dust Collector.

So only 10 minutes of work. Flush with enthusiasm of this easy fix I turned my attention to the old Dust Collector and this time I did need the meter. All the connectors were attached correctly but the switch was broken. A replacement for this should be easy to find so I may end up with two Dust Collectors in working condition.

This still only took about 15 minutes to do so feeling really rash I turned my attention to my broken router. This took some working out but I eventually found the problem. Broken wires on the armature. Possibly fixable but I’m not that sure about it. I’ll try since it is my favourite router and I don’t think you can buy them any more.

Still, that only took 30 minutes. Next, trim off the “tails” of epoxy from the hole filling yesterday and sand down the outer filler. Still a lot of time left so mix up a batch of epoxy with low density filler and go round the hull finding any bits that have dents in and put some filler on.

That still didn’t take all of my self-allotted 2 hours of boat work but I cleaned everything up anyway and started on my first non-boat task.

So, a good day but shorter than expected.

That’s what it looks like! I remember now…

The broken switch. If I can read the writing on the side I should be able to buy a replacement.

Not so easy to see but that wire inside the red circle should be attached to one of the knobbly bits.

Epoxy filler added to uneven bits.

On the inside as well.

Lots and lots of uneven bits!