The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.04.10 - Steaming Hot II part I

First thing this morning I went out to the workshop to see how the plank had cooled. On the why I found that we have a visitor. No idea where she comes from but she seems to have made herself at hot. Friendly too.

There was some spring back in the plank at which I was not at all surprised but I can easily make the plank fit the hull or would do if I had the correct screws. So a trip to B&Q or the like is in order. I’ll fix the plank in place with some ordinary screws while I source some ordinary bronze ones. This will keep the plank in the correct shape and allow it to dry out before it is glued and screwed in place properly.

This will not be for some time since I think I have mentioned before that I will need to fit the chain plates first as they fit flush to the hull. Then I’ll cut two channels in the out-wale to allow the wood to fit over the plates. Strictly speaking the chain plates go on once the mast is ready but I don’t suppose that being an inch or two out is going to matter on a small, low tensioned rig like this.

So, some non-boat work to fill in the time between now and when the shops open. It is Sunday after all.

Our new visitor.

Made herself right at home.

The out-wale removed from the plastic sleeve and clamped in position. Now all I need are the screws.

She’s still here two hours later. She has found a veritable smorgasbord of worms.