The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.04.11 - Take it easy

After the exertions of the weekend I decided not to work too hard today. The boiler was packed away for the moment, the out-wale removed from the plastic bag, fixed to the hull and trimmed. Nothing too strenuous there.

The replacement switch for the dust collector arrived today so I also fitted that and now I have two working collectors! I'm pleased that my electrical skills are still reliable.

The order of the next few tasks becomes a little complicated. Let me give you an example of the foredeck and the samson post. Until the foredeck is fitted I don't know how long the post will be but I can't fit the foredeck until I have cut and shaped the post and also cut a mortise in the keel under the foredeck and a tenon on the end of the post that fits into the hole.

So the foredeck, and the foredeck beams come to think on it, will have the be temporarily fitted, the length and position of the post measured, the deck and beams removed, the mortise cut in the keel, the tenon cut on the post, then the beams, deck and post fitted. There are a number of other tasks like this and you really do need to think ahead so that you don't do something that you have to undo later.

Things like where do you join the plywood when making the fore, side and after decks? Likewise the cabin sides. And do you just butt joint them or do a posh job with scarf joints?

I sometimes spend more time thinking about how things are to be done and in what order than carrying out the task itself.

Oh well…

Both side screw in place. This will further bend the wood, keep the pieces out of the way until they are properly fitted and strengthen the hull all at the same time.