The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.04.16 - First Failure

Work on Naiad has continued slowly and apart from one day, something has been done every day since the last entry. On that day much non-boat work had to be done.

So, more sanding and epoxying and cutting of timber ready for steaming.

I bought two planks of mahogany when I visited Robbins Timber and yesterday three pieces were cut off one of the planks giving me pieces about 29mm x 29mm x 4m. I carefully planed these using my thickness planer, cut two of the pieces in to 1.25m lengths that were then cut in half on the band saw. Eight of these smaller pieces were then steamed for 2 hours before being band into place on the inside of the hull. Or they would have been if they had not snapped.


So, I cut the remaining pieces in half again and tried again and these also snapped. So cut into three and four pieces and these could be bent into position without steaming.

A lot of time and wood wasted on this and instead of being finished this weekend I will probably only have one side completed.

On a happier note, the chain plates arrived. Now the out-wales can be finished.

My thickness planer ready for use.

It’s a very nice machine and does the job really well. Somewhat heavy however.

Six pieces of timber after planing.

Each piece cut in half lengthways.

The three snapped ribs.

And the snapped pieces having been cut in half lengthways again.

However, cut the pieces into three or four pieces instead of two and there’s no problem. The nearest ribs are the three cut and the furthest away are cut in four.

They will all have to be epoxied together but before I do that I have to figure out a way to hold the ribs firmly against the hull while the epoxy cures.

The bronze chain plates.