The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.04.27 - The Real Thing

All set I was to start gluing the first rib and half bulkhead when I ran in to a slight problem. The epoxy was so thick from the low temperature that it would not pump out of the container. I got the first pump out but after that the pump would not come back up again. So I had to stop.


Still, I did get as far as getting the bulkhead ready to install. The template was carefully placed on a piece of the very expensive marine ply that I bought and after I had drawn round it with a soft pencil and put a new, fine toothed blade in my jig-saw I cut along the pencil line to get the bulkhead out. Offer it up to the hull to make sure, just a little bit of adjustment with a Surform where my hand wasn’t quite as steady as it should have been and it fits.

Then plane some mahogany and cut that to size to edge the top of the bulkhead and it was ready to go.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Here we go, the acid test.

Transfer the line from the template to the wood.

Cut out he bulkhead with a new, fine toothed saw blade. Note the clamp and wood arrangement to stop the cost piece from falling down as I neared the end of the cut.

Offer up and then adjust a bit.

And there it is, the first of four.

This is the completed bulkhead with the mahogany edging. Note that the edging on this side of the bulkhead does not reach the hull in order to make way for the rib.

The view from the rear.