The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.05.16 - More Rib Work

Not much work on Naiad carried out since Friday afternoon as we attended the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Destrier held in The Hall, Milden and we had a great time. Still, since we had to be out of The Hall by 14:00 on Sunday and it is only an hour’s drive from home, I was able to get some work done after we had unpacked and I’d had a nap.

Yesterday’s contribution to the project was to carefully laminate and glue in place extensions to the two ribs that were last made and that were too short. This morning I cleaned up the excess epoxy and offered the ribs to the hull to check the fit which you can see below.

Yesterday also saw the cutting out of the next template for the aft most ribs, the setting up of the bending jig and the cutting of more laminates. Hopefully enough to complete all the ribs on both sides of the hull.

So this morning I carefully cut 5 laminates, making sure that I had the correct measurements this time, glued them up and then clamped them on to the bending jig.

Later on in the afternoon the rib was removed from the bending jig and offered up to check for the fit. It was also offered up to the port side and a small adjustment made to the bending jig before the port side rib was also glued up.

The extended rib on the starboard side looking a little better than before.

Now the rib fits nicely agains the hull as I had expected it to do the first time!

Similarly the port side and here you can just see the joint.

The fit is not quite so good, the upper part of the rib does not sit against the hull and is a little too short. I’ll glue in a small piece to close the gap once the rib has been glued in place. To do that now would make the rib difficult to get in position.

And the next rib (starboard aft most) on the bending jig and clamped whilst the epoxy cures. I’ll remove it fro the jig this evening and laminate the port side rib.

The new rib removed fro the bending jig some 10 hours later and offered up to check for fit.

Another view of the latest rib.

The aft most rib on the port side on the bending jig and curing.