The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.05.24 - Anchor’s Aweigh

Naiad’s main anchor arrived this afternoon. She already has a Danforth anchor as a kedge with a lot of rope but I wanted another anchor as the main anchor. It is a 5kg Admiralty pattern folding stock anchor and just the right size and shape for Naiad. It has wide flukes for better holding and can fold up so that it may be stowed in a locker. It looks quite nice.


It is going to need some work before it is useable. Oh, you could use it but you’d fairly soon wish that you’d spent some time fixing it first.

So what is wrong with it?

The photos and text below show and describe the problems.

The anchor in its unfolded position. Looks quite good.

Here are are the first two problems. The clevis pin is much too long. I’ll have to cut the end off and drill a new hole so that the hole is only about 1/4” away from the shank instead of an inch. The split pin has to go as well. Should not be used on boats unless taped up so that ropes and clothing do not catch on it. That’s also the reason for shortening the pin. The split pin will be replaced by a split cotter ring.

A split cotter ring so that you can see why it will be used. No sharp pointy ends and easily removed.

The next two problems are at the other end of the anchor. The stock is prevented from slipping back through the hole in the shank by a piece of metal known as a key (or lock pin or forelock) which is in turn stopped from falling out by a split pin. That split pin also has to go just like the other one.

The slot in the shank is good. About 1/4” wide and 1/2” long.

The retaining key, however, is a piece of junk. Way too thin. Just look at it.

The fid rattles in the slot like… well, it’s wrong. The key should be a tapered piece of metal that is slightly thinner than the slot and narrower than the length of the slot at one end and wider than the length of the slot at the other. The key should be a snug fit so that equal lengths of the key appear on both sides of the shank and should be tapped in place with a hard object like a shackle and then a split cotter pin used to secure it. I’ll have to make a new key that fits properly.