The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.07.11 - The Beams

Constructing the beams is just a matter of time and patience. Nothing difficult at all until you get to the part where they are mounted in the hull. Then things get a little more tricky.

The fore deck beam constructed yesterday has been removed from the former and placed more or less where it will go in the hull.

The same for the after deck beam.

I started with the aft beam as I did not have to stand on anything to work on the hull at this point. The beam has been carefully measured and cut to length and a chamfer cut on the end. You'll see why a few photo down.

Here's a closer look at one end of the beam. The chamfer goes in two directions. The front of the beam is wider than the rear as the hull curves down towards the transom and then there is the vertical chamfer as well.

A number of saw cuts have been made in the beam shelf. They start at the outer edge of the beam self and finish at the inner lower edge.

The wood is carefully removed with a sharp chisel and a surform used to finish it off. If I have everything done correctly, this sloped notch in the beam shelf should match the chamfer on the end of the beam.

And it appear to fit quite well. So the other end was cut in the same way.

And voila! The deck beam in place. I good fit. I used epoxy to fix it in place and placed a weight on the centre of the beam to hold it down whilst the epoxy cured.