The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.07.12 - More On Beams

The aft most beam under the foredeck is next and since I've done it once, the second one seems to be easier.

Today I decided to make one cut on the end of each beam instead of doing what I did yesterday which was to make two cuts. So careful marking of the cutting line is essential.

The careful cutting of the beam is also essential and I used a hand saw so that I could go slowly and carefully. Power tools are all very well but sometimes they are just a little too much brute force.

The first notch in the beam shelf turn out to have two screws in it. The horrible sound of wood saw on metal heralded their presence. Fortunately they are bronze so no damage occurred to the saw.

A hacksaw made short work of the screws.

Well blow me down the other notch had a screw as well.

But not for very long!

The beam fitted and glued up. It was a tight fit so no weight was required to keep it from slipping down.

The second of three deck beams is ready to be fitted, but I'll wait until the epoxy has cured a bit on the other beam before doing that.