The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.07.14 - Shaping the Samson Post

My shiny new power planer arrived this morning so I made a start on shaping the samson post and shaping the top of the middle beam. The foremost two deck beams are slightly too low on a line from the stem to the aft foredeck beam. If you rest a straight edge on the stem and the third beam it does not quite touch beams one and two. To fix this I need to add a shim to each so that the straight edge will touch all three beams and the stem at the same time. Well, near enough. Then there is the samson post…

The shim piece glued in place.

The shim shaped to the correct (ish) profile and the shim for the first beam is glued and clamped while the epoxy cures.

The oak beam has been shaped from a point that is below the deck and a tenon cut on the lower end. Notice also that the foot of the samson post has been cut to match the slope of the keel.

A close look at the foot where you can see the slope of the foot more clearly as well as the tenon.

The samson post offered up to check the fit. All seems to be well.

And the bit above the deck which is still too long. I will not cut this to length until after the foredeck has been fitted.