The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.07.15 - Finishing the Foredeck Beams

The foredeck beams receive some more work which nearly completes them.

The shim piece glued in place in the first beam.

The shim shaped to the correct (ish) profile and a straight edge placed on the beams and stem to show the effect of the shims.

The straight edge on the starboard side.

And finally on the port side. The reason for these shims is to ensure that when the foredeck is fitted it does not have any wavy bits caused by one beam being out of line this the others. It's not perfect but within a millimetre or so and that will be taken up by the thickened epoxy that will be used to fasten the foredeck to the beams and the sides of the hull.

The cheek pieces are glued in place. I have clamped two pieces of thin wood covered in plastic on the underside of the first two beams to support the cheek pieces whist the epoxy cures.

A shot of the beam offcuts showing just how well the epoxy/thickener mix is at laminating the staves.

The foredeck has one other hole cut in which the chain pipe will be fitted. That is the thing shown above. The anchor chain is passed through this into a bucket which will be squeezed in front of the samson post. The normal practise is to construct a skirt of heavy duty plasticised fabric around the bucket top in a cone shape that it tied to the underside of the chain pipe and the narrow end and round the bucket at the wide end. This was two purposes. One to stop the chain from accidentally going outside the bucket and the other is to stop the went and mud from splattering around the cabin.

Here is the bucket and samson post arrangement as shown on Shoal Waters Website

And here is a small shot of Shoal Waters' foredeck showing the chain pipe. It's located beside the bowsprit and unlike the one for Naiad, it is bronze which is why it is a green colour. Notice that it also faces the back of the boat so that spray does not get in and fill up the bucket with water.