The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.07.16 - Ready for the Foredeck

The mortice for the samson post has been made, epoxy-coated and reinforced, the foredeck beams are done and the ribs by the mast step are being glued up. Not a bad day's work so far.

The cheek pieces with the clamps and whatnot removed

And the samson post checked for fit again.

The mortice in the keel has been cut and fits the heel of the samson post snugly.

The paint has been removed to allow some epoxy work to be done.

Neat epoxy has been brushed onto the exposed wood and into the mortice. The is to prevent any water getting in from rotting the wood. A strengthening piece has also been glued at the bottom of the mortice.

Epoxy has also been brushed on the tops of the cheek pieces and the inside edges of the wood around the samson post, again to prevent water rotting the wood.

Likewise the heel of the samson post has had epoxy applied.

In this shot you can see the rib by the mast position on the port side glued together but not to the hull yet.

And similarly the starboard side.