The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.07.25 - Stringers

I managed to get the holes in the hull filled yesterday as I had hoped but as for the rest, well the spirit was willing but the rest of me had had enough.

So this evening's task was to get started on the stringers.

The curve of the hull is too severe to be able to bend a 1 inch square batten of Sapele without it breaking so I will use three laminates to form each stringer. However, my carpentry is not good enough to deal with the curve of the hull in the vertical direction so I cheated. I used two laminates on each side and screwed them to the ribs so that they are level, more or less and then filled the gap between the outer laminate and the ribs with very thick epoxy. When this has cured I will laminate the current inner laminate to the outer one and then another inside of both of them. The outer one should be glued to the hull so I only need to use clamps to keep the laminates together.

I hope.

The stringers have been cut and fixed in place with screws and then glued to the ribs with epoxy.

Here you can see the large fillet of epoxy between the outer laminate and the ribs. This is where a good carpenter would have put an elaborately shaped piece of timber.