The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.07.26 - Cleats and Stringers

I took the time today to cut the pieces of 10mm round bar that I bought a while ago from which the cleats for the tabernacle will be made. This involved cutting 4 pieces of 25cm long bar in three pieces. One 15cm long and the other two 5cm long.

The forward stringers were sorted out as well. A third laminate cut and drilled for each side and then the three laminates glued together, screwed and clamped to the outer laminate which has fixed well to the ribs.

I took two photos of the stowage area under the bridge deck as I need to think carefully about how this area is accessed. The centre section will be straightforward and a small cupboard door will be used to keep the items stowed in that section from falling out, but the outboard area, well that is a little more difficult. On the starboard side the seat will reach right to the bridge deck and on the port side, the small galley will mostly block the access. As I recall, on shoal Waters the port side had a small half door and you had to rummage at arms length to get into that space. Both areas might have to be accessed from outside in the cockpit.

I'll think about it.

The pieces for the tabernacle cleats. The short pieces will be the legs and the long pieces the cross bar.

The port side stringer.

The starboard side stringer.

The bit that requires some though as to how it will be accessed on the starboard side.

The port side under bridge deck.