The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.07.28 - Tabernacle Construction

Finally! The tabernacle is welded up and it looks pretty good. It's not perfect but nothing that will prevent it from doing the job required of it. I took some photos of the tabernacle and the centre plate as I need to get them galvanised and the people that gave me an approximate quote wanted to see photos. Those are below.

I also started taking the rudder to bits as I received the 2' x 4' sheet of 18mm marine plywood this afternoon which I'll be using to make the new rudder stock. The metal sides of the old stock are made from aluminium and as a result of galvanic action, the steel and brass screws had disintegrated pretty much, so the only thing that can be salvaged is the rudder blade.

Front view of the tabernacle.

Left side view.

Right side view.

A closer look at the height.

The centre plate is 1.6m long and weighs 30.5 kg or 87 lbs or 4 st 11 lbs. That's heavy. I will need to ensure that when the cabin roof is added that I can still get the centre plate in and out of the centreboard case.

There is some surface rust on the plate and it may have been coated in something. Epoxy perhaps? Wherever it is it has to come off.

The existing rudder.

The nut on the pivot bolt is restrained by a split pin.

The rudder blade removed,

The blade is too wide for the rudder stock as you can see from the wear.

The wear is on both side, naturally and you can see that the blade has been coated in epoxy and possibly sheathed with glass fibre matt. The new rudder stock will have s slot 2mm or so wider than the blade so there should be no wear at all in the new version.