The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.03 - Rudder Stock - The Continuing Story

Not a lot of work done today, it's the weekly shopping day so I had to content myself with just trimming the two cheek pieces and gluing several pieces of Sapele to the spacer to make it thicker. The rudder blade is 7/8" thick or 22mm and the spacer is 18mm. Allowing for 1mm of extra width so that the blade doesn't bind on the cheeks, I need to thicken the spacer to 23 mm or an extra 5mm. The pieces I had as offcuts were around 4mm thick so once the epoxy has cured I'll put the now too wide spacer through the thickness planner until it is exactly right.

The first cheek piece was trimmed to the hardboard template and then the two cheek pieces clamped together and the second one trimmed to the first.

The first set of Sapele strips glueing on one side to the spacer and weighed down while I mix up the next lot of epoxy.

Both sides of the space have the strips glueing in position with lots of weights to squeeze it all together. The rudder cheek is on top of the plastic liner and just there to help spread the load of the weights evenly. It is not being stuck to the spacer (I hope!).