The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.09 - Gluing the Gunwales

Today's major task is to glue the gunwales on to the hull as they are currently still temporarily screwed in place. Until they are glued I cannot work on the decking. So the screws were removed, Naiad wheeled outside and the top 2" or so of the hull sanded to remove the white paint. This was done outside for two reasons. Firstly to stop the dust from coating everything in the workshop and secondly so that I didn't breath it in.

Once that had been done I glued the rudder stock together. Then it was time for the obligatory cup of tea.

The gunwales were then coated with thickened epoxy on the correct side and with a helping hand it was screwed back into position using the correct screws this time.

The starboard quarter.

The starboard bow

The port bow.

The port quarter.

The rudder stock clamped up whist the epoxy cures.

You can just see the small spacers in this shot.

I used a piece of wood the same thickness as the rudder blade to stop the cheeks from being forced together by the bolt.

And here she is, gunwales now glued and screwed in place.