The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.10 - Planing the Gunwales

Having allowed sufficient time for the epoxy to cure the next tasks on the list were to prepare the rudder stock for finishing and to plane the gunwales.This effectively will mean that the gunwales are ready for the decks to be added and I plan to start, as I have said, with the after deck.

The rudder stock has been planed where necessary and a rounded edge put on all the edges except the head where the bronze will go.

This is the correct position for the rudder blade in the stock in when in the down position.

However, there is nothing stopping the blade from moving further forward like this. When the rudder has been finished I will screw a metal stop across the bottom of the stock to prevent this from happening.

The stock has received a coat of epoxy except for the front edge as it is resting on that!

The boat was wheeled out into the sunshine so that the shavings caused by the planning are outside and not inside. Here you can see the gunwale after being planed and then the hull returned to the workshop.

A shot of the bows after planing including a ding cause by the over-enthusiastic use of a jig saw!

And the whole boat.