The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.11 - Starting on the After Deck

Another major step forward today as the task I set myself was to start the after deck. The after deck has the horse and two cleat mounted upon it and this not only means cutting suitable holes but also reinforcing the deck with backing pads. The holes and backing pads for the horse and cleats were made and I could have glued it up but after three hours of work I was beginning to flag and since I haven't made an error so far today, it's a good time to stop. I'll glue it up tomorrow.

I used two pieces of hardboard for the template. These were clamped together, placed on the hull and a line drawn along the edges where the after deck will be sited. The template was moved to a piece of marine plywood and the marks transferred to this,

As I was using a jigsaw and that can sometime rip up small pieces of the plywood when cutting, I used a knife to cut through the first veneer on both sides of the cutting line.

A straight edge, clamped to the plywood, served as a guide for the saw.

And the deck carefully cut out.

The deck was then checked for fit by clamping it lightly in place.

Two holes drilled in the correct place allowed the horse to be checked for fit as well.

And two round pads of plywood were cut to help spread the load on the top side.

Holes for the cleats were also drilled and the fit checked.