The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.13 - An Early Mistake

Today's mistake happened before breakfast. I'd gone out to sand the electrics box and coat the sides with epoxy and having done that I had some epoxy left over. So I decided that since I was going to coat the after deck any way, I'd use the remaining epoxy on that. I duly coated nearly half the deck and only when I was shutting up the workshop prior to going back to the house for breakfast did I realise that the next task, that of glueing and screwing the after deck in position, was now going to be a very sticky job. I should have waited. Still never mind, this is only a minor mistake.

After breakfast I put some varnish on the quant, table top and electrics box front and then set to with the task of fixing the after deck. Carefully so as not to get too much epoxy on my hands and none on my clothes. It also made the job take a little longer since I could not just turn the deck over to apply thickened epoxy to the edges of the pads since I had to clear a space for the deck on the work bench to avoid getting sticky epoxy over everything. Still, It got done and although my hands are covered in epoxy my clothes are not. And I remembered to use the barrier cream before I started so a few minutes work with a scrubbing brush and my hands will be very pink, but free from epoxy.

The after deck having been glued and screwed down and then coated with epoxy.

The fit is very good and the edges of the deck will be covered by the rubbing strake along the sides and a small half-round piece of Sapele on the transom.

I made a slight change to the battery isolation switch sign to make it easier to read.

To finish off the day I epoxied the bridge deck sports to the hull and also epoxied the uprights to the hull, centreboard case and bridge deck where appropriate.