The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.15 - Electrics Box

The first thing I did today, even before I had breakfast was to pull out the samson post and remove the chain locker box. To my delight it came out easily but it does need some tidying up. As you can see from the photos below, it's a very funny shape.

I had hoped to get the foredeck glued and screwed in place. I cut the aft edge to allow for the cabin upstand and the side decks, had cut the hole for the samson post and had checked the fit of the whole thing including whether or not I had enough clamps to do the job when I realised that I had not drilled the hole through the beams and samson post that will allow me to fit a retaining bolt. The trouble is, none of the drills I have fit in the gap between the beams so I'll need to get a right angle attachment to do the job. I'm only gong to use it once so a cheap one will do and they coat less than a tenner including postage. So the foredeck is a no-go for now.

So instead I worked on the electrics box and jolly fine it looks too.

The chain locker box free from its position in the hull.

Another view of the box. What an odd shape.

The various panels and things mounted on the front panel of the electrics box.

The inside view showing the terminal strips for the electrical connections and the battery charger module mounted on the inside.

As you can see in this photo the charger module is raised to the correct height on wooden standoffs.

I still have to fit hinges and something to hold the lid closed but here it is in the workroom connected to the battery, solar panel and one of the LED lights that I'll be using in Naiad.

It even works!