The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.17 - Not a Lot of Success

The first thing I did today, not surprisingly, was to remove all the clamps from the foredeck and add some screws. I also trimmed the edges so that they are now flush with the gunwale. That part of the day was a success. The part that wasn't very successful was the attempts to make a scarfing jig. The problem is that jig must be able to take a piece of plywood that is 20" wide. Getting the parts cut out wasn't too difficult but none of the jigs I made were rigid enough and would have creates rounded faces on the scarf joint and that is no good at all. I will have to go back the the drawing board and try something else.

The hull showing the foredeck without clamps but with screws. You will possibly notice that the screws do not go all the way to the front of the hull and that is because I will be cutting part of the bow away when I fit the gammon iron so there is no point in putting in screws that I'll have to remove shortly. But it still looks very nice.