The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.16 - Holey Samson Post, Batman!

Sometimes I am amazed by the Internet and online shopping. Yesterday afternoon I bought a cheap right-angle attachment for my drill and it arrived in the post this morning. That is most certainly service. Needless to say, today's first task is to use the new piece of equipment to drill a hole through the two side beams and the samson post. The reviews of the attachment noted in a couple of places that the unit became so hot in use that it melted the plastic. Firstly it should not be used at more than 500rpm, that's less that half the running speed of a standard domestic power drill which has a speed of 1200 rpm and secondly it has no lubricant inside. Fortunately it is easy to take apart, just 5 screws. I liberally smeared the gears with grease and also put some on the rotating shafts inside the bushes, put it back together again and used it to make the hole.

After that there was nothing to stop me from fitting the foredeck, so I did. Not huge amount of work today, but satisfying nevertheless.

The next thing to do is to cut out the side decks and glue them together. Since the side decks do not bend up or down the joins will be simple butt joints with a piece of plywood glued on the underside for reinforcement. Then I'll need to make up a scarfing jig as the batten that will be attached to the inside edge of the underside of the side decks and to which the cabin sides will be attached is longer than the single pieces I have so will need to be made up from two shorter pieces. The batten will also need to be bent. Bending means steaming and the joint between the two pieces of the batten will come under a fair deal of strain. If I were to butt joint it like the side decks it would not bend smoothly in the region of the joint. So the pieces will joined using a scarf joint and have a slant cut on one end of about 5:1 and then the faces of the slope will be glued together with resorcinol glue which will withstand the heat of the steam that epoxy cannot. The cabin sides will also be scarfed together as they will bend sideways so a jig will be required for that also.

I'd like to say that I'd have all this done by the end of the weekend but, alas, that will not be possible since I'll be away at events both this coming weekend and the one following. That's not to say that nothing will get dome on those weekend since I fully intend to work on Naiad one way or another during the weekend, but not the side decks, scarfing jib, battens and steaming.

Here is the right-angle power drill attachment and quite a nice little unit when you consider that it cost just £8.98 including postage.

Fitted to the drill and with the correct sized bit we are ready to go.

A very awkward photo this, holding the heavy drill up with one hand and trying to get a decent shot with the other! But the thing just fits into the space between the hull and the side beam.

Here the hole has been drilled, a suitable length of studding cut and bolted in place. This will not be the final bolt as it is simple steel and will rust at the first sign of damp, but it will do for now.

The angle wasn't quite right and you can see that I drilled somewhat uphill.

But the nut and washer clear the deck so it should not be a problem.

And here we are with the foredeck clamped and screwed, where I can, and the epoxy curing. I'll fit more screws once I've removed the clamps.

A better view of the whole boat and I've removed the cross braces as they are no longer required.